Fun in the Sun

Hello Internet.

This past weekend, after my mid term, I went to Lago Albano (Idk how to spell it). It was BEAUTIFUL! If anyone is anywhere near Rome and has a few hours to spend at the beach, I HIGHLY recommend it. The water was unbelievably blue and clear. I was standing in water up to my chin and could see my feet at the bottom of the lake. The water was refreshing and cool on a hot day. The lake is situated in the crater of a volcano with beautiful towns and forestry while the summer home and observatory of the Pope was located on the hill above. I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend going to this lake. I will be making a return trip soon. I will be wearing more sunscreen the second time, though…\

This past week, my art history class has been visiting different ancient villas and churches in order to take in the art in its natural environment and context while learning about the history of the building and the time period it was created in. This class has been really educational, especially since I have never studied art history previously.  The downside to all the learning is a seven page paper, which I am currently procrastinating.

So far, my study abroad experience is around halfway over, and it has been the most unbelievable experience of my life. I’ve made so many new friends, both Italian and American. It has been so amazing to drink in all of the history and culture of Rome. This weekend is a trip to Naples and Pompeii!


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