Last Week, Engage

So its the last week I’m in Rome. Its been surreal and sad to think about everything I’m leaving behind.

Lately, my art history class has been going to several museums and churches rather than slides in the classroom and it is awesome! Seeing these famous pieces of art by masters like Bernini, Carvaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo has been astounding. Its going to be different to not have the opportunity to take a bus to see such history. It is kind of an unforeseen expense though, so to all of you studying abroad, plan on having to spend money to go some of these places. Some of these places cost 10 Euro or so and we’ve been going for 2 weeks…

My Italian class is very fun, but I think my brain is full. Stuff that I had down pat is suddenly slipping between my fingers while trying to cram in more new words and new things. Its challenging, especially with as much homework as she gives us. But its easily worth the work.

Last weekend, we had a blast. We went to Viterbo and Tuscania (a small town, not tuscany) on Friday (My 21st birthday, no less) and had a cooking class with another Lorenzo di Medici campus professor. It was the best food I’ve had yet. He gave us his name and email and such so we can email him in case we want some recipes or something, which was really nice. After, we went to a medieval town and had a short history lesson and generally just spent time with everyone and hung out.

Saturday, we went to Naples! Well, kind of. We left at 7:30 am and we went to Pompeii and Sorrento, two areas right around Naples. Pompeii is self-explanatory and wicked cool. I had such a good time there and we all learned a lot. After the 2-hour Pompeii tour, we went to Sorrento, a town on the Coast. We swam in the ol’ Med Sea and it was the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen. Go to my FB page ( and you can see how blue and clear the water was. You could see the bottom of the ocean from the top of the pier. It was amazing. We swam around, got some sun, did some fun stuff. After the beach, we went back to Naples and had Neapolitan gelato and pizza. It was really good and it turns out, artichokes and eggplants are pretty good on pizza… Then we had to catch a train back to Roma

Sunday, we went to another beach, Ostia, outside of Roma. The Ocean was rough and the waves were pounding us. Also, the beach was fine but when you got about chest/waist high, there were some sharp rocks at the bottom of the ocean. I cut up my feet pretty good. I do NOT recommend that place, which charged us 5 Euro to get into. Somehow we got separated from half of our group and they went to another part of the beach which was free. Apparently that beach was alot nicer because they said there were not any rocks anywhere, so I guess that could be fine.

Yesterday, We got the best gelato ever. Also the most interesting. A place called Il Gelato had some seriously good gelato and flavors like Habanero Pepper, Tomato, Parmesan, Red pepper, to go along with the fruity and creamy flavors most places have. It was actually pretty good. After the gelato, we made our way to a big wine shop so  some of us could get some wine to bring home and I also got some good olive oil to cook with when I get back. Im excited to cook with it.

So far today, We had class, which was alright. The big event is I decided to go to a true Italian barber who used a straight razor, Sweeney Todd style. It was luxurious and magical and any guys out there, you need to do it once, even if the barber isn’t Italian.

Well, that’s all for today. Off to study for finals!


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