Ciao, Roma!

So even though this day hasnt started the greatest already (my two friends left this morning but the shuttle they ordered didnt show up and we ended up waiting outside for 45 minutes before they hailed a cab), I guess I’ll go on my farewell speech. 

As I sit in my apartment at 7:30 am, i look around at all of the emptiness that is here where just last night sat some great friends and great food. This has been the most amazing 4 weeks of my life. Im so grateful to everyone who made this possible and especially the people (both American and Italian) I met here that made this trip so much fun. Saying goodbye to them is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in awhile, especially considering how close we became and the idea that I dont know when I’ll see them again. This is the experience of a lifetime and the friendships made and experiences had here will remain with me forever. From Mario, the guy who split sleeping shifts with me in Heathrow on day 1 of my trip so our stuff wouldn’t get jacked, to Pat, the guy from Melbourne who hung out with us for awhile last night. From Gigo, my new Italian friend and bar owner, to Deanna, the girl who lived downstairs and kept us entertained on weekends with her craziness and passion for the art and history of Rome. Saying goodbye to this place and these people brings tears to my eyes (or maybe it’s saying goodbye to the food) but since I tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain, I know I’ll be back. So caio, Roma. Until next time. 

Thanks for everything. 

Adam J. Westendorf


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